Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Jakob. I work as a quantitative researcher and trader for a high-frequency trading firm whilst living a nomadic global lifestyle. I am also the Founder and Managing Director of Altum Intelligence, an artificial intelligence and machine learning consultancy.

Originally Czech by nationality, but born in Germany, I spent most of my life growing up in the UK. My background is a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southampton's world renowned Electronics & Computer Science department.

In my spare time I fly as well as jump out of airplanes, surf waves, climb mountains and generally try to enjoy life to its fullest.

I specialise in the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in financial markets, managing quantitative investment opportunities, as well as AI applications in other more novel areas. I also manage a private personal portfolio of angel investments, primarily in exciting start-up companies that are pushing the limits of innovation in the AI space.

Companies I've Invested In

Conferences & Events

// AI and Data Science in Trading, London 2019

  • - Market Microstructure & HFT

// Machine Learning in Quant Finance, London 2018

  • - Attention and LSTM Models for Time Series
  • - NLP for Calls and Reports Analysis using Seq-2-Seq Models
  • - Deploying an AI Strategy Pipeline

// AltCity Startup Sprint, Beirut 2017

  • - Keynote Speaker
  • - Business Mentor

// Deep Learning in Finance Summit, London 2017

  • - Enhancing Investment Insight using Multidimensional Time Series AI Models

// DroneHack Hackathon, UCLan 2015

  • - 1st Prize Winner

// Code First: Girls, London 2014

  • - Teacher & Mentor


// 2000+ Skydives

// Skydiving Coach (BPA, APF, NLF)

// Record Holder (United Kingdom, Norway)


// Surf Instructor (ISA)

// Surf Lifeguard (ILS)


// Private Pilot (FAA)

// Instrument Rated

// Complex & High Performance Aircraft Rated

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